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Acrosser Technology, the leading industrial computer manufacturer, has successfully integrated significant features into their In-Vehicle Computer series products. These features include i-Button 1- wire interface, combo connector and remote power control switch. System integrators for telematics, fleet management, M2M and Intelligent Transportation System can be cost-benefit and time efficiently for their work due to the use of extra external devices which are not integrated in the In-Vehicle Computers.



i-Button 1-Wire Interface for Driver ID and Sensors

Driver identification, temperature sensors, NVRAM, digital I/O and analog input are quite often used on vehicle and M2M applications. 1-Wire is a device communications bus system designed by Dallas Semiconductor Corp. that provides low-speed data, signaling, and power over a single signal.
At this time, there are approximately 40 1-wire devices available from Dallas Semiconductor Corp. 1-Wire devices can be grouped by their functions into several categories:

‧Identification only
Identification plus temperature
Identification plus temperature logger
Identification plus temperature and humidity logger
Identification plus real time clock
Identification plus NV SRAM or OTP EPROM or EEPROM
Identification plus SHA-1 secure EEPROM

Thanks to the integration of 1-wire interface into Acrosser In-Vehicle Computers, so system integrators now can use one simple interface to connect variety devices which are often utilized in telematics applications. Beside the hardware interface, Acrosser also provide software API to write and read data to and from any kind of 1-wire devices.


Combo Connector Simplifies Many Cables Down to a Single Cable

Signals between a vehicle computer and a touch monitors include VGA, USB, audio and power supply of touch monitor. With a normal design, 4 cables are required. The all-in-one combo connector integrates all of these signals into one single cable. This significantly simplified the routing of the harness. Acrosser’s new in-vehicle computers and in-vehicle touch monitors are all featured with this advanced design.


Remote Power Control Switch, ON/OFF Control become More Flexible

All Acrosser’s In-Vehicle Computers are featured with a remote power control switch beside the power control by ignition switch. When this switch is installed and enabled by software, the switch works together with the ignition switch to control the power on/off of the computer. This has enabled the driver be able to turn off the computer without turning off the ignition. This feature is very useful in some application scenarios.

Visit Acrosser in Vehicle Computer solution and product web pages to know more information.

http://www.acrosser.com/images/events1202113242184795.gifThanks you for coming to NAFA Fleet Management Association Expo. We want to thank you for attending out booth and your interest our products. It was our pleasure to meet you.

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